productive summer morning routine 2020

Hi guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! So, for today’s post, I have this really interesting idea. I don’t know about you but in summer I feel very unmotivated, and I spend the whole day in my bed watching Netflix. But, not every day looks like this. I love having a productive day, and on those days I cannot spend a day just sitting on my bed. I have to do something productive. So, I decided to share with you my productive summer morning routine. Let’s start!

So, when I’m trying to have a productive day, I usually wake up at 9 am. I don’t like waking up earlier, because if I wake up at 6 am, I’ll definitely not be that much productive. And to be honest, we were waking up at 6 am through all school year, it’s time to get our deserved sleep.

So, when I hear my alarm (or wake up by myself), I spend a few minutes in my bed to make sure that I’m 100% awake. Then I go to the bathroom and wash my face. I usually make a messy bun and go to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I don’t usually brush my teeth before breakfast because then my breakfast has that strange taste.

When I go to the kitchen, I try to eat something healthy. I usually made banana pancakes (they are healthy and yummy). Also, I drink homemade juice from blueberries (my favorite). While I eat, I check all my social media and make sure to answer all my messages.

After that, I go into my room and start making my bed. When I’m done I start cleaning my room because every morning it’s completely mess. And then I usually check and answer my e-mails.

Then I take my planner to see what I have to do for today. When I’m done with that I go to take a few photos for my blog and my Instagram. (comment if u wanna see a post about how I edit my Instagram photos). When I’m done editing my photos, I check in my planner a few blog post ideas and find one who’s matching my photos (yeah, I’m first taking photos, then came up with blog post ideas). And after that, I’m starting to write a post.

And here’s the end of my productive summer morning routine. If u wanna read my productive summer night routine, comment down below.

Thanks for reading. Be safe xx

-Bloggie Babe xx

dear society

Hi! Welcome or welcome back to my blog. I don’t usually write posts on this topic, but I have this thoughts on my mind for so long, so I decided to share it with someone. This will be probably only post of this kind here on this blog, because I don’t really write posts like here. Why „dear society“? I was sitting today in my room, listening to music and Madison Beer. Her song „Dear society“ came up and made me think about all this things.

On daily base, we are listening how some girls was attacked. „sHe iS aSkiNG fOr iT“ they said. But, guess what: no she’s not. We leave in society where some people don’t have respect for girl. They treat them like they born just to pleasure mans.

„You’re ugly. You’re showing too much skin. You wear too much makeup. You need to wear more makeup. You’re to fat. Why you aren’t on diet? You’re to skin. You look like skeleton…“ are just phrases that we hear everyday. They’re expecting from us to look like models. They’re expecting from us to look good all time. And when girl are to dress up because of this words, when she wears makeup, just to be „beautiful“, they are calling her with names like bi**h and s*ut.

But, guess what? We are all pretty on our own way. You don’t need to prove that to others. It’s enough for you to know that you’re beautiful. For yourself. And next time, when someone calles you „ugly“, „fat“ and other names, just tell him/her that you don’t care about his/her opinion. Tell him/her that you’re beautiful. Tell him/her that everybody is beautiful.

We live in society where many people aren’t that supportive. Just because a girl post a video on TikTok of her dancing, does not mean that you nee to make jokes on her. Just because a girl start a Youtube channel does not mean that you need to write hate comments and low her confidence. It’s same for bloggers. That’s why many of us are anonimous. Just because you are on the other side of the screen does not mean that you have to be a hater.

Isn’t it better to support other girls/boys? To support their dreams. You don’t have to be a hater, you don’t have to body shame her, you don’t need to make comments on her apperance, you don’t need to make jokes on her. Be supportive! Spread love!

Thanks for reading. Be safe xx

-Bloggie Babe

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what’s on my summer watchlist

Hi and welcome or welcome back to my blog. So, because of coronavirus we are all pretty much locked at our homes. These past weeks I haven’t got enough time to watch tv shows and movies, but my school is finally over. So, I made a small watchlist with tv shows I want to watch during summer. I am a more tv show person than a movie person and I enjoy more watching tv shows. So, I thought it will be good to share with you my watchlist and maybe you can find some tv shows that you find interesting. Let’s start!

During quarantine, I watched a few tv shows. I watched all ten seasons of Friends and oh my God! That tv show was amazing. Also, I watched Never Have I Ever. I remember how everybody was excited when this tv show was released and I have to admit that I watched this tv show just for one night. I literally stayed the whole night watching this tv show. Also, I watched one more tv show. It was Looking for Alaska. It’s a tv show based on the book by John Green. At first, I found this tv show really boring but the end was really good. If you don’t know what to watch you should definitely watch this tv show (this tv show isn’t on Netflix, but you can watch it on Hulu).

Now, let’s start with tv shows that I haven’t watched. The first one is The Vampire Diaries. Actually, I watched this show, but that was in 2017 and I wanted to watch it again. I finished the first season, and then I stopped watching it because I started with 13 Reasons Why. Now I want to watch it till the very end.

The second one is Riverdale. Actually, I watched this tv show too, but I stopped in the first season for no reason so I decided to watch it again. I heard from many people that second, third, and fourth season aren’t that good and that I’ll just waste my time, but I want to give them a chance and to watch them.

The third one is Lucifer. All my friends have already watched it and they all recommend it to me, and I finally decided that it’s time to watch it.

The fourth one is 13 reasons why. At the beginning of June, the 4th season was released and everyone told me that I HAVE to watch this tv show. Also, they told me that the 3rd season is super-ultra boring, but the 4th season is amazing.

The fifth one is You. Am I the only one who haven’t watch this tv show yet? Like earlier this year everybody was addicted to this tv show. I have to watch it during the summer.

The sixth one is How I Met Your Mother. This tv show is similar to fo Friends, and I really liked Friends so I have to watch this one.

The seventh one and the last one is Ozark. To be honest, I just listened to people telling me how good is this show, so I have to watch it. I didn’t even read the description of the show, but everyone Is recommended it to me so I have to watch it.

And that would be all for today’s post. If you liked it don’t forget to like this post and comment down below if you watched some of these tv shows, and recommend me new ones.

IMPORTANT: I’m so sorry for my bad grammar and if I made some spelling mistakes. English isn’t my main language, so sometimes it can happen to make some mistakes in writing.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I’ve wanted to start this for a pretty long time now and I’ve been excited to start it but I just haven’t done anything about it so I am here now. I have a lot of fun ideas, a lot of things I want to write about and I’d just thought I’d make a quick introduction post. And I need to tell you this at the very start. I want this blog to stay anonymous so I will not share my name here.

I wanted to start a blog mainly because I really love to write. I don’t expect to go like super far. No, that’s not my goal. I guess that I want just to have a fun hobby. I usually write some essays, and I know that essays are not at all similar like writing blog, but I want to try. I mean, it shouldn’t be that hard. 
On this blog, I plan to write many interesting topics. I will mainly write about lifestyle themes (posts about movies, tv shows, music, bucket lists etc). Of course, there will be some beauty and fashion posts as well as some serious topics. I already write some posts and it just need to do be published  I think that I will write twice a week, at Mondays and Thursdays, but sometimes when I have inspiration I will post more often.

So, that would be all for this post. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@bloggiebabe). Also, comment what would you like to see on my blog, and if you like it don’t forget to follow me here, on this blog. Thanks for reading and love you so much. Be safe!

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